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Lowkl is more than just a call centre. Focused on a higher level of boutique customer care, Lowkl provides an opportunity for businesses to support their local economy by having local representatives respond to customer inquiries in a knowledgeable and nice way.


CoachLab360 is a community that provides ongoing support to small and medium business owners across the four pillars of business: Operations, Sales & Marketing, HR and Finance. CoachLab360 provides business owners with one resource to answer the questions that keep them up at night.


Emergent Strategies specializes in finance and strategy matters across a wide range of industries, with a specific focus on value creation. With experience at all stages in the business life cycle, they bring deep expertise to help add value to your organization at every stage.


We are proud to work with the following affiliated professionals who offer services outside of marketing and communications. Clients with needs in areas such as value creation, customer management, training/coaching and others are referred to colleagues that we trust to deliver value.
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