Bold Ink is a Vancouver-based talent collective with a customer-first approach. We provide a fresh, more agile approach to to a traditional marketing agency offering by uniting a group of experts based on the requirements of each project we take on. We seek to understand who you are as a business, what your ideal customer is seeking, and to pair those with brand and communications efforts that attract customers while remaining authentic to you. We believe that being true, and living and breathing your authentic brand attracts the right customers and has staying power.

Our proven approach provides organizations with a simplified focus, more efficient processes, and happier, more loyal customers. We work alongside your team to distill your brand's purpose, build it into your company culture, and translate that into a consistent customer experience. And best of all, because of our business model, we can easily scale up or down based on the support your initiatives require.

You get tangible, measurable marketing efforts with guaranteed results and long-term staying power.


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We believe in integrity, authenticity and partnership.
We believe that marketing is more than a department. 
Marketers are the voice of the customer across an organization. 
We believe in customer-centricity. 
"Partnering with Bold Ink Strategy ended up being the best decision we could have made. The entire process was filled with excitement and professionalism. We can never say thank you enough.""




Lindsey founded Bold Ink Strategy Inc. in 2013 after 15 years in sales & marketing across a variety of sectors. Ever committed to customer experience and process improvement, her journey led her to several senior leadership positions within well respected hospitality organizations. A committed brand builder, connector and collaborator, she has combined her experience in business and brand strategy with a positive spirit and passion for community in her consulting.