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A Bit About Us

Lowkl is more than just a call centre. We operate in location-specific hubs - each serving their community's businesses and employing regional professionals for the utmost in customer care. Lowkl provides an opportunity for businesses to support their local economy while providing our team members with a decentralized work from home model.

"I have been extremely happy with the service. The team at Lowkl S2S have been doing a great job and everyone at Peak Integrated Health has good things to say about the service you provide. We can tell you are making the effort to go over and above with your business which I’m sure will pay dividends when it comes to bringing us new clients."

Dr. Kurtis Munro

Peak Integrated Health

Squamish, BC

Our Services

Inbound Customer Contact

Phone | Email | Web + Social

CX Program Development

Process | Staffing | Training

Virtual Assistance

Reliable | Accessible | Efficient

Reputation Management

Respond | Learn | Improve

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